Acuris Cybercheck™

Leverage our data to know whether your organisation is at risk and be ready to take immediate action.

Better protection for your customers

Acuris CybercheckTM harvests compromised identity information from criminal forums on the unindexed web.

Add the world’s largest proprietary database of compromised personal ID information as a value add to your solution

Our strength

Why Acuris CybercheckTM?

Unique data

Our coverage is our strength.

Already the largest dark web database of its kind, Acuris CybercheckTM covers billions of records and is growing every day.

  • Identity data
  • Personal data
  • Financial data

    $3.86 mn

    Average cost of a data breach in 2018

Easy API access

Build new products incorporating our dark web data quickly, easily and reliably using open APIs. Acuris CybercheckTM leverage a JSON over HTTP RESTful API with header based authentication to integrate seamlessly into your application.

Human expertise

With Acuris CybercheckTM, you’re tapping into the expertise of real
people, not just AIs. Skilled experts with backgrounds in law enforcement
monitor the criminal internet, using their experience of criminal behaviour
to give our data a unique advantage over machine-driven resources




    Criminal forums, websites and chatrooms monitored

With criminals exploiting all types of sensitive information, we harvest the data that may be putting you at risk, adding to the world’s largest proprietary database continually.

Protect your business from every angle.

  • Monitor your company domain for employee breaches
  • Benefit employees with identity theft monitoring
  • Monitor third-party suppliers for breach exposure
  • Reinforce due diligence
  • Protection for your business
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