Acuris Risk Intelligence and Cybertonica join forces to bolster the defence of payment and compliance data

14 April 2021 - 12:00 am UTC

Acuris Risk Intelligence and Cybertonica join forces to bolster the defence of payment and compliance data

Deal will help lower global fraud rates that have boomed in recent times – the cost to businesses is up from $12 billion in 2014 to $32.4 billion in 2020
London, UK. 14/04/2021:
The Innovative risk management and fraud prevention company Cybertonica today announced its strategic partnership with Acuris Risk Intelligence (ARI), the independent data intelligence provider. The partnership will integrate Cybertonica’s cutting edge real-time behavioural biometrics platform with the Risk Intelligence flagship fraud product Cybercheck.

The combined solution offers a robust platform that brings together millions of data points and models for Cyber Risk and Compliance. Cybercheck will be joined by Cybertonica’s intelligent platform which has a proven track record in managing transactions and behaviour events for world-leading organisations. This move enables the two companies to open new  markets to their combined product catalogue. Improving features and increasing usability for fintech, gaming, banking, ecommerce and payments businesses globally.

Acuris Risk Intelligence’s Cybercheck platform allows businesses and individuals to identify whether their company information, staff credentials, vendor or client details have been compromised by criminals or sold on dark web forums. The integration of Cybercheck with Cybertonica’s platform creates a powerful offering that cuts fraud and risk through real-time continuous behavioural data analysis and immediate alerts and analysis.

The joint solution is uniquely positioned to support various sectors from financial services to gaming and healthcare providers, offering them access to the latest data, analytics, actionable insights and automated alerts. Faster reaction times via Cybertonica’s intuitive interface enable clients to detect fraud and compliance risk and provide passive authentication for devices and users in real-time without intrusive methods or tools.

ARI’s customers will not be alone in benefiting from the deal. Cybertonica’s clients now will be able to utilise the new data models available through this partnership to make their businesses, systems and domains more reputable and secure. On the single interface users will be leveraging the established expertise in KYC, sanctions and other compliance areas along with in-depth dark web monitoring where ARI thrives.
Joshua Bower-Saul, CEO and Co-Founder of Cybertonica, commented: “Cybertonica’s innovative technology and frictionless approach to fraud detection and authentication made our partnership with Acuris Risk Intelligence a natural fit. Enabling instant cyber checks, seamless transaction monitoring, and threat intelligence in real-time is key to lowering overall fraud rates for businesses at a time when rates are expected to soar by 25% in the next few years alone. Cybertonica’s solution enables the ARI’s Cybercheck platform to do exactly that – bringing all the risk operations and events analysis to a single hub. ”
Joel Lange, Managing Director, Acuris Risk Intelligence, said: ‘’With our experience with millions of queries in KYC and compliance, and Cybertonica’s expertise of managing billions of transactions and cyberthreats, the partnership brings together the ideal customer  experience in continuous authentication and real-time alerts. Cybertonica protects real-world identities by using its behavioural biometrics to passively match a user to specific behavioural models in less than a second using advanced data science and risk based authentication technology.’’
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About Cybertonica
Cybertonica is an award-winning platform for the management of automated risk, AML, compliance and fraud detection. Through continuous authentication, data science and ML, friction is eliminated for legitimate users and payment agents while automation delivers huge efficiencies in managing fraud and risk. Cybertonica works as a SaaS, hybrid or on-premise cloud solution and can be integrated into existing payment, financial and banking services by modules or as a platform with orchestrated risk, cyberthreat and fraud services.
About Acuris Risk Intelligence:
London-based Acuris is a £1.5bn risk data analytics and data reseller business. As an independent provider of data intelligence for KYC, Compliance, Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Corruption and Cybersecurity systems and professionals, Acuris Risk Intelligence provides a powerful overview and enhanced risk management service.
Combining human intelligence and proprietary search systems, Acuris pinpoints risks associated with managing KYC in order to form new business relationships or conduct continuous compliance under regulation for compliance and fraud prevention.
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