Acuris Risk Intelligence Partners with Kharon on 50 Plus List to Identify Sanctioned Entities

30 June 2020 - 12:00 am UTC

Acuris Risk Intelligence Partners with Kharon on 50 Plus List to Identify Sanctioned Entities

30 June 2020 | London, UK Acuris Risk Intelligence, a trusted and independent provider of data intelligence for anti-money laundering, anti-corruption and cybersecurity professionals, today announces its partnership with Kharon to provide subscribers access to 50 Plus — the premier offering that enables firms to comply with  the OFAC and EU ‘50 Percent Rule’.


Under the 50% rule, entities that are majority owned by sanctioned actors face the same restrictions as firms that appear by name on the US and EU sanctions lists.


As companies engage in international business, it is essential that they ensure effective risk management to address the challenges of the 50% rule.  Companies that don’t appear on the sanctions list–but may be majority owned individually, indirectly or in the aggregate by sanctioned actors–present legal and reputational risk to an enterprise. Now more than ever it is essential to be able to screen for these actors.


Kharon’s 50 Plus offering enables just that. It includes thousands of entities and maritime vessels registered in more than 100 jurisdictions. Kharon conducts complex, multilingual investigations for entities that appear on the sanctions list — including their subsidiaries as far down as the ownership chain extends — as well as state owned enterprises in sanctioned jurisdictions.    


“Kharon’s 50 Plus offering is the perfect complement to our proprietary data on PEPs and sanctions,” says Joel Lange, Managing Director, Acuris Risk Intelligence. “We have seen a rise in the variety of businesses that need this information and 50 Plus fills a void in the market by unmasking the complex networks that surround sanctioned actors and jurisdictions. We are excited to offer our subscribers this unique and necessary tool.”


Victoria Lumb, VP Sales, Kharon commented, “Kharon is the leading provider of critical research and data analytics on the networks surrounding sanctioned actors. We offer unparalleled depth and coverage on the individuals and entities associated with global sanctions programs, helping clients stay compliant and ahead of the curve. We are delighted to begin working with Acuris Risk Intelligence who share our goal of supporting the risk control framework.”


About Acuris Risk Intelligence

Acuris Risk Intelligence was established in 2004 as C6 and rose to become one of the top suppliers of proprietary data on PEPs, sanctions and AML data for due diligence and compliance. It was acquired by Acuris Group in 2015. Today, Acuris Risk Intelligence combines a world-class dataset – that now includes fraud and cybersecurity content – with expert human analysts and state-of-the-art technology to help organisations manage the risk in business relationships effectively. Clients access our intelligence via a SaaS platform, or via API and feed technology so risk protection is built into the way they operate. Our focus areas include third-party and anti-corruption risk, AML and KYC due diligence and monitoring, and the proactive detection of cybersecurity risk.


About Kharon

Kharon is a leading provider of research and data analytics, focused on global security threats and other controversies that impact global commerce and finance. Kharon’s clients include first tier international financial institutions, global corporates, public sector entities and professional services firms. Kharon is headed by former senior officials from the U.S. Department of the Treasury, and experienced professionals in software development and data science. 

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