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Illion and Acuris Webinar

 PEP’s and Sanctions Screening made simple… Read More

Effective Risk Management to Address Challenges Around the 50% Rule

 Under the 50% rule, entities that are majority owned by sanctioned… Read More

Dark Matter (s) : Demystifying the Dark Web Middle East Edition

Following the success of our first webinar on demystifying the dark web, on April 21st we hosted a Middle East Edition in partnership with… Read More

Dark Matter(s): Demystifying the Dark Web, with Professor Richard Benham, and in partnership with Themis

Themis were lucky enough to have Professor Richard Benham,- the world’s first formal Professor of Cyber Security Management and best known for creating The… Read More

Modern Slavery

Listen to our recent webinar on the 3rd September. Where our Head of Market Planning, Nick Parfitt spoke with the Founder and Managing Director… Read More

The Cannabis Industry – Legality Challenges in North America and Implications for Europe

Listen to our recent webinar on the 16th July 2019. Where we explored the nuances of the cannabis market and highlight the challenges that… Read More