Acuris Risk Intelligence and Liberty Asia Announce Strategic Partnership

27 April 2018 - 12:00 am UTC

Acuris Risk Intelligence and Liberty Asia Announce Strategic Partnership

Acuris Risk Intelligence and Liberty Asia, leading anti-human trafficking organisation, have today announced a strategic partnership to raise awareness about the funding of human trafficking and how financial institutions can act upon timely information to play a part in preventing exploitation.

April 27, 2018 05:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

LONDON & HONG KONG–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Acuris Risk Intelligence, an Acuris company, and Liberty Asia, have announced a new strategic partnership in order to alert financial institutions into the ways in which that they can prevent the monetary support of human trafficking through due diligence practices such as using Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Anti Bribery & Corruption (ABC) frameworks to identify the proceeds from human trafficking. C6 an Acuris Company and Liberty Asia, have announced a strategic partnership aimed at raising awareness about the funding of human trafficking.

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Liberty Asia’s mandate is to disrupt the business of slavery through collating and facilitating the timely and accurate information to key decision-makers in various industries, with a focus on the financial industry for AML and ABC purposes. Human trafficking, as well as corruption, are considered AML predicate offences by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) – the global body that sets jurisdictional level standards on AML.

Established in 2012, Liberty Asia is a Hong Kong registered NGO comprised of former corporate professionals from banking, legal and technology sectors, as well as specialists from NGOs, who feel strongly that a more effective and coordinated approach to slavery is essential. Leveraging corporate sector technology and techniques, Liberty Asia seeks to enable NGOs to help provide timely and actionable information that can help businesses and other agencies facilitate this response.

Liberty Asia has pioneered a model with its partners that has become a conduit for information flows between civil society and the corporate sector, as well as regulators, on individuals and entities that are facilitating and/or profiting from the business of slavery.
Today, Liberty Asia and Acuris Risk Intelligence, help businesses better identify and manage risk.

Joel Lange Managing Director for Acuris Risk Intelligence commented: “Acuris Risk Intelligence is delighted to form this partnership with Liberty Asia to help the anti-trafficking community restrict access to the financial system to adversely affect human slavery. By leveraging techniques and technology already in use in the corporate sector such as AML and ABC frameworks, we can raise awareness and alert institutions which can help other agencies to facilitate a response to the financing of human slavery.”

Founder and Managing Director at Liberty Asia, Duncan Jepson states: “Human trafficking is a complex, global issue which preys on the most vulnerable people within society. The anti-trafficking community must be convinced that reducing access to the financial system is the only viable way to adversely influence the financial motivation of this illicit market. Creating awareness and alerting financial institutions as to the part they can play, by preventing and ceasing their current involvement in the movement of funds and availability of banking services could introduce a powerful partner in stopping this exploitation. By working together, this strategic collaboration provides opportunities for the financial industry to identify the movement of illicit funds, manage risk and play a key part in addressing the global issue of modern day slavery.”

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About Acuris Risk Intelligence:
Since 2004 Acuris Risk Intelligence has been gathering the most comprehensive database of actionable intelligence relating to Politically Exposed Persons (Pep’s) and Sanctioned Individuals, Companies and Jurisdictions.

During this time Acuris Risk Intelligence has identified the most relevant local and global sources allowing us to create a unique process of gathering timely, accurate and relevant Adverse Media relating to the FATF predicated crimes list. All of this information is verified by human intelligence and has led to the development of our new Adverse Media managed service. Our database covers over 200 jurisdictions with over 40 languages, allowing us to pinpoint risks associated with forming new business relationships. Our suite of KYC search and monitoring data solutions, which access our unique and expanding database, provides you with an accurate risk intelligence data results and reduced false positives.

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