Proactive detection of data risk. Acuris Risk Intelligence are at the forefront of the fight against identity theft and crime.

Acuris Risk Intelligence uses human intelligence to gather data from the unindexed web identifying potentially compromised identities before a breach occurs. We believe early detection is key to minimising the exposure and consequences of a breach.


  • Early visibility of potential cybersecurity breaches
  • Reduction in breach mitigation costs
  • In-depth bespoke risk assessment service
  • A dedicated expert team
  • Identifies consumers and accounts being traded and at risk

People today typically share sensitive personal data with 50+ firms or content providers – exposing themselves and businesses to criminal exploitation. With the cost of an average data breach rising to $3.86 million in 2018 and each stolen record costing $1,481.




It pays to stay protected.

Our solution – Acuris CybercheckTM

Acuris CybercheckTM, use skilled experts with backgrounds in law enforcement to monitor the criminal internet. Their experience of criminal behaviour patterns gives Acuris CybercheckTM a unique advantage over machine-driven searching.

Acuris CybercheckTM, has the largest proprietary database of compromised personal and employee ID information. Compiled since 2008, our database includes information traded on criminal websites globally, including: identity data, personal data and financial data.

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Identify data breaches with Acuris CybercheckTM

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Why we are different:

  • We offer very high security and peace of mind by allowing queries only to the database – not directly against websites, forums etc.
    • All identified data being traded by criminals is copied, collected and collated directly into the database
  • Our Research Team comprise ex-law enforcement and cybercrime experts
  • We do not require sensitive personal information in order to produce a search
  • Data from criminals is never purchased
  • The database is historical, going back over 10 years – if your details are found, it is because it is in criminal hands, or has been at some stage
  • When requested, and if we see novel crime typologies, we work with relevant law enforcement agencies around the world